We invite our members to take an active role in their membership. It's a great way to get involved and also do some good for others. The following are committees that serve us well.


  • Membership Committees
  • Program & Club Meeting Committees
  • Club Relations & Operations
  • Member Activities
  • Community Service
  • Youth Services
  • Service Leadership Programs
  • Youth Recognition
  • Fundraising


Pat McCroryChair
Responsible for a campaign that targets appropriate community and business leaders to become members of Kiwanis. An important function of this committee is to monitor and follow up, when necessary, with members regarding their lack of attendance and participation. The committee works to retain members and monitor why members resign. It also develops and implements strategies to encourage regular attendance at club meetings and events.

Kiwanis Connect Orientation
Wende PadekWendi Hopewell, Co-Chairs
Informs incoming members about Kiwanis history, club activities and their responsibilities as active members of the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis. Helps new members feel welcome and get oriented and acclimated into the club.

Kay Millar, Chair
Stays up to date on Club communcation efforts.

Past Presidents                                                                                                                                                    
Greg Fennig, Chair
Responsible for updating the Board on the activities of the club's Foundation; overseeing the election of officers and Board members; planning an annual program and memorial services as needed; selecting recipients of the annual Career and Civic Awards; and serving as special counsel to the club's president.


Trena Roudebush, Chair
Responsible for selecting, communicating, hosting and introducing the programs at our club's weekly meetings. By delivering the very best programs, the committee motivates members to attend meetings and participate in club activities that, in turn, helps all other committees meet their objectives.

Marge O'Laughlin, Chair
Works to enhance the spiritual life of members by providing an invocator for weekly meetings. 

Meeting Preparation                                                                                                                                                
 Joe Marbaugh, Chair                                                                                                                                              
Recruits and assigns members to help set up, do ticket sales, sing  a patriotic song, recite the Pledge of  Allegiance, and greet our guests at our weekly meetings


Gary Stage, Chair 
Responsible for keeping club bylaws current. 

Rush Yelverton, Chair                                                                                                                                          
Responsible for providing a conscious safety review of the facilities being used for functions of the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis. 
Nominating Commitee                                                                                                                                          
Greg Fennig, Chair                                                                                                                                                             
The current President, the 5 most recent past Presidents and 2-4 at large members to nominate the next Kiwanis Club President. 


Eric Steel, Chair 

All club member’s golfers or not are encouraged to participate in raising money for our Kiwanis Foundation. 

Brandon Herget, Chris Bush ,Co-Chairs
Organizes practices and sells tickets raising money for our Foundation for the softball game held at Victory Field.

Arranges for four or more of our members to make planned visits to other Kiwanis club meetings. Attendees earn a meeting attendance credit.
Kiwanis Business Circle                                                                                                                                    
Steve FeroChair                                                                                                                                                      
The Kiwanis Business Circle is a Kiwanian business networking forum in the heat of the Circle City where members and guests of the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis learn about mutual business interests, grow professionally, build strong relationships, and inspire current and future members of our club to our mission of service to the children of Indianapolis. 


Fostering Families
Graham Honaker, Chair
upports parents who take abandoned, abused or neglected children into their home. Exemplary foster parents selected by local children’s agencies are honored at our annual Faith, Hope and Love luncheon, where they share their stories. Our club presents them with A Faith Hope and Love award as well as local memberships, sporting event passes, household items, gift cards, encouraging books, coupons, toys and much more! 

Salvation Army Bell Ringers
Karen BurnsChair

Enlists club members to ring bells at Salvation Army Christmas kettles at various locations in downtown Indianapolis.


Adaptive Bikes
Tom Dunham, Chair
Are funded by the Kiwanis Foundation of Indianapolis in conjunction with Kiwanian, Tom Dunham which are specially made for qualifying children of Indianapolis.

Partners in Education at Harshman Middle School
Jill Robisch, Chair
Works directly with the principal, faculty and students at Harshman Middle School #101 to provide incentives for better attendance and academic performance at the school. This includes planning a party for recognition of approximately 150 students to validate their improving work, attitude and attendance.

Partners with Riley
Bob Baxter, Chair

Benefits from our club members who staff and support two Magic Castle Carts that provide “smile therapy” for young patients and their caregivers. We helped establish Riley’s trauma center in the 1920’s and have raised money for the hospital and its foundation over the subsequent 90 years.

Young Children Priority One (YCPO)                                                                                                                
Steve Kessinger, Chair                                                                                                                                               
Young Children Priority One is an effort to focus on the needs of children age 0-5.  In the years since Young Children Priority One was introduced, remarkable advances in technology have changed our understanding of human brain development during the first few years of life. Our club members work with preschool and kindergarten teachers, contributing financial resources for each classroom’s materials.         


Capitol City Aktion Club 
Rob Schlegel, Chair 
Sponsors, promotes and advises a service club for handicapped adults that is atterned after a traditional Kiwanis club. Currently, we sponsor one club that meets every other week at Goodwill Industries.

K-Kids Charity Dye
Eric Steel, Chair
K-Kids is a club for elementary students that teaches them the value of helping others through working on community service projects. 
George Washington Builder's Club
Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school and junior high students, with more than 45,000 members worldwide. Builders Club provides members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership.

Perry Meridian Key Club
Lou DrexlerChair 
Sponsors, promotes and advises a service club for high school students that is patterned after a traditional Kiwanis club. Currently we sponsor Perry Meridian High School.

Circle K (IUPUI, Butler, UIndy)
Scott Bearby, Deborah Hearn Smith, Kim Fogg, Co-Chairs 
Sponsors, promotes and advises a service club for college students that is patterned after a traditional Kiwanis club. Currently, we sponsor three clubs:  Butler University, IUPUI and University of Indianapolis.

Celebration of Service Leadership                                                                              
 Jaime Smith, Chair                                                                                                               
Where Service Leadership Programs (SLPs) come together to share with our club about their community service experiences throughout the year.                                                                                                              


Abe Lincoln Scholarship Awards 
Steve Willem, Chair
Solicits school nominations and awards scholarships at a luncheon for high school seniors who have overcome severe obstacles in their lives and have achieved despite these adversities.

Basketball State Finals Luncheon
David Wright, Chair 
Recognizes the scholastic and athletic achievements of the Marion County high school boy’s basketball teams and the eight teams playing in the state finals at a luncheon in March.

Football Awards Luncheon
Chuck Kotterman, Chair
Recognizes the scholastic and athletic achievements of Marion County highschool football teams at a luncheon in early December.

Kiwanis Improvement Program at Southport (KIPS)
Tom DunhamChair

Annually recognizes two Southport seniors who’ve demonstrated grade improvement and excellent attendance over several years. Our foundation funds the program, assisted by Kiwanian Thomas Dunham. 

Kiwanis East Scholarship                                                                                                                                     
Gary Stage, Chair                                                                                                              
The Kiwanis Lawrence E. Maysel D. East Scholarships are awarded each year to a Butler University and University of Indianapolis student. Scholarships go to students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, citizenship and financial need. 
Female Athlete Scholarship
Jackie Salmon, Chair
This scholarship is presented at the Indianapolis Star’s Indiana Sports Awards.  The scholarship will honor a high school female athlete who embodies the attributes of leadership, discipline, and caring. It is our intention to recognize someone who is a role model for other students. We believe it is important to showcase our future female leaders to inspire other young ladies to pursue excellence.