Lincoln Fellows Program                                

The Lincoln Fellows Program was begun under the leadership of former Kiwanis President John L. Price and member Sol Blickman   in 1992. This voluntary program allows individuals to pledge $1000 in support of the Abe Lincoln Scholarship Program, to be paid in four years or less. Contributions are payable to the Kiwanis Foundation of Indianapolis and are restricted to the support of the Abe Lincoln Scholarship Program.

Lincoln Fellows need not be Kiwanis members. Anyone interested in supporting this program is welcome to become a Lincoln Fellow.A membership can also be contributed to honor a loved one, a business associate, etc. All gifts to the Kiwanis Foundation of Indianapolis are tax deductible and very much appreciated by the Foundation, the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis, and all those who believe in the Abe Lincoln Scholarship Program.

A new level of giving was introduced recently.  The Lincoln Fellows Sustaining Valor Circle is a $1000 pledge renewable every four years.  Download the pledge form

Abe Lincoln Program Videos here and here

"I've thought often this year about everything the Kiwanis Club has done.  Having the opportunity to experience college farther from home than I would have without the scholarship has been amazing.  I've learned a lot this year, in and out of the classroom, and I get to continue to do so thanks to help the Kiwanis Club has given me.  I remember mentioning in my essay that without financial help, I would have to choose a school other than IU.  I left the Abe Lincoln Awards banquet that day and made my housing deposit because I finally had the security that I could come to my dream school.  It felt rewarding to have my work recognized, and it was breathtaking to hear my story put in the words of someone on the outside.  The Kiwanis Club made sure that each student in attendance that day could leave with a sense of pride in his/her accomplishments -- something that can be life-changing to young adults who often feel like they can't catch up with what life is throwing at them.Thank you again for everything.  I hope to someday be able to pay forward the kindness and generosity I was lucky enough to receive from the men and women of the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis."


-Megan McQuade, 2017 Abe Lincoln Scholar


Our 2018 Abe Lincoln Scholarship winners:

1st:  Caroline Kavanaugh
Perry Meridian High School

2nd:  Abiodun Akinseye
Northwest Community High School

3rd:  Charles Peterson
Warren Central HIgh School

4th:  Abigail Boldt
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School